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Product prices include 24% V.A.T. This is not applied to intra – E.U. transactions with companies registered in the VIES as they are excluded from tax rates. For more information please contact us at


INTRODUCTION is an online shop selling products and services via the Internet, situated in P.Serron-GREECE, V.A.T. REGISTRATION NUMBER EL100303118, for this the suggested way of communication is also online with main e-mail address . Additionally, you may contact us by phone at  (+30) 2323 111 005 , MONDAY until SATURDAY, 08:00-21:00 (GMT+2 , Apart Holidays).

The following terms and conditions apply to usage of the online shop The use of our website implies full acceptance of the following conditions, without exception, which should be read carefully. If someone does not agree with these terms must refrain from the use of our shop. Any transactions made by one is deemed that he have accepted all the terms and conditions of use.



Visitors of this website agree that:

• They will use truthful information (Full Name, address, e-mail, e.t.c. at the communication and registration forms.

• They will use the available means of communication e-mail and telephone communication, in accordance with the law and morality, without offensive content or comments or inappropriate phrases and will they not send repeatedly e-mails regarding the same subject as the e-mails will be considered as spam, will not be supervised and they won't receive any answers.

• They will use the website in accordance with the law and morality and will not engage in acts or omissions that may cause harm to this and any other user or networks connected to it.

The company reserves the right to amend or revise freely the terms and conditions of the online shop whenever necessary and is responsible for informing consumers about any change through its pages. The users should periodically check the terms and conditions of use of the website, while use after any modification implies that they have accepted the changes. In case of the terms of use violation, the user will be informed and must refrain from the use of the shop and from any transaction with it.



Copyrights of the content (text, graphics, images, photographs, software, e.t.c.) and services of the website that have been or will be introduced to the Internet are protected by Greek, European and International copyright laws and belong exclusively to Copying, reproduction and retransmission of material without written permission from the company is strictly forbidden and all information available to visitors of this website is for personal use (non-profit or commercial).

The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing the online shop or third parties and their products or services are proprietary marks and are  protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer of license or right to use them.



The company states that the content, products and services that are provided through the websites & and its transactions is not responsible for any damage that may be caused from orders. The online shop may not guarantee about the availability of products, but undertakes to promptly inform customers about any availability change. makes every possible effort to provide quality services, but cannot guarantee that there will be no interruptions, errors or harmful information in the contents of the website and assumes no liability for any damage, legal or civil or criminal nature caused to users of the website. Visitors agree to use it on their own responsibility.



Queries, applications and overall e-mails are confidential. The information you provide is used only to reply to the concerned recipient. If we are asked by law or if we believe that the content that we have received is harmful it will be forwarded to the authorities in order to:

• be protected against unauthorized, non-compliance with the law and generally poor use of the website.

• protect the safety and property of users and the public.

• protect the legitimate rights, our property and data. has the right to add and alter the content or services of the website and the conditions of use, whenever it deems it necessary and without prior notice but announcing the changes through the website.



Any reference or link to another website is provided for the convenience of our users and we are not responsible for the content, products and services offered by these websites or any link contained in an associated website, or any changes or updates to such websites.



USERNAME and PASSWORD are highly personal and for your own safety do not reveal them to others.

In the field E-MAIL place an active e-mail as this will be the way via which you will be informed about the status of your order.

After registering or if you are already registered, fill in your username and password and confirm your purchase and shipment data.You will also view the shipping costs of your order for the address you provided, which may vary depending on the shipping method you have selected.

If you are a retailer please fill in the comment field data necessary for the invoice (Company’s Name, V.A.T. registration number, Tax agency, occupation, office address, phone number, e.t.c.).

You will then be able to select the payment method with options of Payment After Delivery (NOT APPLICABLE FOR CUSTOMERS ABROAD), Deposit in a Bank Account and complete the process within website, either incase of selecting Payment with Credit/Debit Card you will be transported to a secure login page of Eurobank or Paypal to complete your purchase. For any questions please contact us at



Please note that during the order process of our online shop, incase you do not select the method of payment after delivery or deposit in a bank account, but you choose to pay by credit/debit card the payment will be made through the secure website of EUROBANK or PAYPAL. The data recorded are not preserved in any way in our website data. Therefore, apart from the information you give to us for the delivery of the orders and any relative document (receipt, invoice), other data concerning the credit/debit card registered at the websites of EUROBANK and PAYPAL are not recorded in our website.

The safety of electronic transactions through credit/debit card is ensured by the security systems of EUROBANK. During the process of purchasing a product using a credit/debit card the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server (SSL) of the Online Payment service of EUROBANK. All information transmitted electronically from the customer (credit/debit card data) to the Online Payment service of EUROBANK and transfered from the bank to the VISA, MasterCard, Maetsro, American Express cards, is secured with  TLS 1.1 encryption with encryption protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL), the most powerful encryption known globally.



We are committed to the characteristics of the products of our online shop. We are not committed to the covers as in some cases are indicative.

SPECIAL NOTE regarding purchasing of PC Games: Please be sure the game you have selected will "run" on your Peronal Computer before ordering. We accept no responsibility for any incompatibilities with your PC system.

Moreover, indicative are and the availability days due to the fact that they are according to information from the official distributors/providers and for this may change without prior notice.

As far as products available after request is concerned, the customer will be informed about the time period whithin which his order will be executed after receiving such information from the official distributor/provider.

Should you make orders which contain products of different availability, will apply the same availability to all products in order to reduce shipping costs. If you want to receive products of different availability you will be charged for each shipment separately.

Please note that product prices are subject to change without prior notice and we undertake to notify you in 48 to 72 hours for any change in the prices of products you have ordered.

For any questions, please contact us via e-mail at or via the communication form of .


Order Lowest Price Guarantee - To ensure that our customers get the best price while buying from our shop, we offer the feature "Order Lowest Price Guarantee". This means that, if you have Ordered a Product and its Price Decreases Between the Order's Registration Time and the Shipping or Release Date, you will be Charged with the Lowest Price. Order Lowest Price Guarantee in case of an order cancellation for any reason is not retroactive. In case you have already paid for the specific product, you will be refunded the difference by the payment method you chose (deposit, credit/debit card, paypal).



For as long is posted on our website, provided that the payment is made by cash. Incase of request for order reactivation that was canceled for any reason and contained product on offer, the product does not retain the offer price as when order registration.



You can place an order in three (3) ways:

1. By registering at our online shop, adding the products in your shopping cart and following the step by step online procedure.

2. By calling us at (+30) 2323 111 005 , MONDAY until FRIDAY, 09:00-21:00 (GMT+2 , Apart Holidays).

3. Sending an e-mail to and providing us with information regarding your order (FULL NAME, RECEIVER’S ADDRESS AND BILLING ADDRESS OF RECIPIENT, CONTACT PHONE, PAYMENT AND SHIPPING METHOD).

*Products labeled as Limited (Limited Editions), cannot be booked by contacting us (e-mail or telephone or social media) due to their limited distribution & strict time-priority. An order must be made by the customer himself through the online shop (website).



There are four (4) payment methods available.

1. By making a deposit to one of the following bank accounts:

  • National Bank - Account Number. : 46461776117 , IBAN: GR0501104640000046461776117 (Beneficiary: CHARALAMPIDIS Avraam), Bank Identifier Code (BIC): ETHNGRAA.
  • Eurobank Bank – Account Nunber. : 0026.0407.32.0100422956 , IBAN: GR4502604070000320100422956 (Beneficiary: CHARALAMPIDIS Avraam), Bank Identifier Code (BIC): ERBKGRAA.
  • Piraeus Bank – Account Nunber. : 6208-126086-883 , IBAN: GR0401712080006208126086883 (Beneficiary: CHARALAMPIDIS Avraam), Bank Identifier Code (BIC): PIRBGRAA.

{ The deposit should be made within 3 working days of registration of your order, so that it is activated. Specifically, regarding products of future availability, deposit & update should be done no later than 23:59 of the previous day of the availability date of the products, so that they can be sent normally. If deposit within timeline is not possible, please contact us within this time otherwise the order is canceled automatically.

Upon deposit you should DEFINITELY register your name & your order number so we can confirm your transaction. Once the transaction is completed inform us via one of the available communication ways about the DATE & BANK of deposit, in order to ensure the fastest shipping possible. Transactions are online checked, though in order to be serviced even faster, please send us the receipt of the deposit at }.


2. With payment upon delivery via Courier Company (NOT APPLICABLE FOR CUSTOMERS ABROAD*).*Excluded shipments to Bulgaria, where payment upon delivery is available via Courier service.

3. By debit or credit card in the secure (SSL) environment of EUROBANK. (Accepted Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)

4. Via PayPal.

*** In case you place an order for the 1st time PrePayment might be required to confirm your data (By making a deposit to one of the bank accounts, By credit/debit card, Via Paypal) and activate your order. ***

Conditions of Use Conditions of Use Conditions of Use


1. By Courier company ACS or Courier service of the Greek Post (EL.TA. S.A.) and safe delivery in 1-2 working days in Greece. Excluded inaccessible areas. (The Courier company EL.TA. S.A. serves you only if any of their branches exists in your area. Otherwise you will be served by the Post Service available in your area) Customers might also ask for shipment with Courier Company of their choice and in this case they will be informed for any additional shipment charges.

2. Overseas shipment will be held by Registered (Trackable) Greek Post Mail Service and estimated delivery time within 5-10 working days. Excluded shipments to Bulgaria, performed via Courier service Econt or Speedy.



ALL TOGETHER - During the Checkout Process, choose this delivery method when you want the products all together, when they all become available, so they are grouped into as few deliveries as possible. Cannot be combined in the same order, due to different availability, products with availability indication YEAR or PENDING or MONTH if they are not available in the same month or products with indication AVAILABLE & REQUEST with products TEMPORARY NOT AVAILABLE & OUT OF STOCK. In the above mentioned cases, please separate the products in different orders or choose delivery SEPARATELY. All payment methods available (Cash On Delivery, Bank Deposit, Credit / Debit Card, PayPal).

SEPARATELY - During the Checkout Process, choose this delivery method when you want some products sooner, so they are dispatched as soon as they become available, at additional cost, separate charge per shipment, in accordance with the conditions of use. Products of different availability can be combined in the same order. Available Payment Methods are Cash On Delivery & Bank Deposit. If you wish to pay via Credit / Debit Card or PayPal, please separate the products in different orders or choose delivery ALL TOGETHER. This delivery method is not provided for customers abroad).



If the order is made until 12:00 and the product is in stock it will be dispatched the same day, otherwise no later than the next working day. Dispatching Time of products that are not in stock is referred in working days. Product reservation requests in order to be shipped at a later time than the availability time provided when placing the order will not be accepted for any reason.



The shipping costs are specified below:

1. By Courier service the shipping costs are: For parcel up to 2 kgr, 1.00€. When the package exceeds 2 kgr the shipping costs are 1.00€ plus 1.00€ for every extra kgr. If you select the process of payment after delivery there will be an extra charge of 2.00€ and if you want to receive the item on Saturday there will be an additional charge of 3.00 € (Incase of Saturday delivery you should prior communicate with us). All prices include VAT 23%. The days and hours of delivery are: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 8:00 to 14:30.

2. Shipment costs abroad vary, they are automatically calculated by the system before placing an order, specified by the pricelist of Greek Postal Service EL.TA. Excluded shipments in Bulgaria, performed via Courier service Econt or Speedy and shipping costs 3.00€ per shipment (free shipment for orders more than 100€).

Our company is responsible for the delivery time of goods to the courier company and for informing you about it, but not for the final time of delivery to the customer. That liability rests solely on the latter.



You have the right to return any product purchased and ask for replacement: a) in all cases where sold and dispatched wrong products or products of bad or poor quality (errors in receiving the order, in pricing) and b) in all cases where there was a real problem/flaw in the product (service or quality) to which guarantee is given by the (not covered by this provision products covered with guarantees provided from third parties such as the product manufacturer or his representative). It is clarified that is not responsible for products damaged during shipment. In any case, the customer has the choice not to accept the product or after it has been received to return the product within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery. It is clarified that the maximum time for replacement may not extend beyond fourteen (14) calendar days. In all these cases, the products should be in the state in which they have been received by the customer, without any damage to it and to its packaging and should include all documents accompanying the product (e.g. receipt, invoice, etc).

It is specified that, if you made purchase via credit/debit card the refund will always be made through the selected payment method without any exception and incase of number of monthly instalments is selected, even that our shop gives direct order for a refund, the bank system refunds the amount to equal monthly installments depending on the number of installments that you selected during your purchase.

Incase of product order cancellation or return for any reason, the product no more retains the price as when order registration.



1. If you have completed the order process through the website and for some reason you changed your mind, you can cancel your order before its shipment, either immediately by logging in your account and selecting My Orders>My Order History/View>Order Information/Cancel My Order or requesting cancellation of your order contacting us via mail at . In the above cases, there will be no charge for the customer.

2. If the order has been shipped or you have received it, you should contact us within fourteen (14) calendar days at in order to return the product undamaged with all the documents accompanying it (eg receipt, invoice, etc). After contacting us and if the reason of the return of the product is due to our mistake or omission, we will be charged for the shipping costs and there will be no charge to the customer. In all other cases, the item should be send back to our company and the customer will be charged for the shipping costs. In the latter case, there will be a refund for the customer that is equal to the value of the product without including the shipping costs or expenses for payment after delivery.

Before any return it is advised to contact us. In any case, the refund and replacement is feasible under the following conditions:

  • Contact within fourteen (14) calendar days.
  • The product has not been used, it is in the state in which it has been received by the customer, without any damage to it and to its packaging.
  • The product is accompanied with all necessary documents proving the transaction (e.g. receipt, invoice, etc)

**Additionaly, for the ATTENTION of buyers outside the European Union: We may not be responsible for extra charges applied by thirds as Customs or any relative service. For additional information, you should contact the service responsible in your area. Incase of order return requested for extra charges due to the above reason, there will be no refund for shipment expenses but only for the products purchased.



1. Όλες οι συναλλαγές που πραγματοποιούνται μέσω του & διέπονται από το Νόμο περί προστασίας των καταναλωτών (Ν.2251/1994), από τον Γενικό Κανονισμό για την Προστασία των Προσωπικών Δεδομένων 2016/679/ΕΕ και εν γένει το ισχύον Εθνικό και Ευρωπαϊκό νομοθετικό και κανονιστικό πλαίσιο για την προστασία προσωπικών δεδομένων. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με την προστασία των προσωπικών δεδομένων διαβάστε την Πολιτική Απορρήτου.

 2. To ensure the protection of your personal data, the operator uses the most advanced and reliable technology for security transactions via the internet. To present any of your personal details someone should first give us the username and password. For this, you must keep these data well protected to prevent them from falling into the hands of others.


Τροποποιήσεις στους Όρους Χρήσης
Προκειμένου να διασφαλίζουμε ότι οι Όροι Χρήσης είναι πάντοτε σύμφωνοι με τις ισχύουσες νομοθετικές απαιτήσεις, επιφυλασσόμαστε του δικαιώματός μας να προβαίνουμε σε τροποποιήσεις ανά πάσα στιγμή. Το ίδιο ισχύει και για τις περιπτώσεις που η Όροι Χρήσης πρέπει να τροποποιούνται προκειμένου να προσαρμόζονται σε νέα ή τροποποιημένα προϊόντα ή υπηρεσίες. Για το λόγο αυτό κρίνουμε σκόπιμο να ανατρέχετε τακτικά στην Όρους Χρήσης. Σε περίπτωση τροποποίησής  θα αναφέρεται η ημερομηνία που αυτή έλαβε χώρα. Ισχύουσα θεωρείται πάντοτε οι Όροι Χρήσης , όπως διαμορφώθηκαν από την πιο πρόσφατη τροποποίηση. 


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