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Follow Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) as he's swept into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached by the wizard Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen), Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage). Their journey will take them through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly Wargs, giant Spiders, Shapeshifters and Sorcerers. They must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature Gollum (Andy Serkis), who will change his life forever. Alone with Gollum on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers guile and courage that surprise him, he also gains possession of Gollum's "precious" ring that holds unexpected and useful qualities, tied to the fate of all Middle-Earth.



  • The Filmmakers' Commentary - Director/writer/producer Peter Jackson and writer/co-producer Philippa Boyens provide their perspective and stories on creating the first film.

  • New Zealand: Home of Middle-Earth - From Matamata to Queenstown, travel with Peter Jackson and his team across the stunning locations of New Zealand, transformed by the filmmakers into Middle-Earth.

  • The Appendices Part 7: A Long-Expected Journey - A 14-part chronological history of the filming of An Unexpected Journey, covering pre-production in the various departments of the film in the months leading up to the start of principal photography, the boot camp training for the main cast, and the work done on set chronologically through the three shooting blocks and in the world of its digital effects. Chapters include:
    • The Journey Back to Middle-Earth
    • Riddles in the Dark: Gollum's Cave
    • An Unexpected Party: Bag End
    • Roast Mutton: Trollshaws Forest
    • Bastion of the Greenwood: Rhosgobel
    • A Short Rest: Rivendell and London
    • Over Hill: The Misty Mountains
    • Under Hill: Goblin Town
    • Out of the Frying Pan: The Forest Ledge
    • Return to Hobbiton: The Shire
    • The Epic of Scene 88: Strath Taieri
    • The Battle of Moria: Azanulbizar
    • Edge of the Wilderland: Pick-ups and the Carrock
    • Home Is Behind, the World Is Ahead

  • The Appendices Part 8: Return to Middle-Earth - Another selection of documentaries and featurettes await, further detailing the development, design and production of An Unexpected Journey:
    • The Company of Thorin - Explores the characters and backgrounds of the five families of dwarves and the company of actors chosen to play Thorin's company on the Quest of the Lonely Mountain. Chapters include:
      • Assembling the Dwarves
      • Thorin, Fili & Kili
      • Balin & Dwalin
      • Oin & Gloin
      • Dori, Nori & Ori
      • Bifur, Bofur & Bombur

    • Mr. Baggins: The 14th Member - A revealing look at the film's charismatic and talented lead actor, Martin Freeman.

    • Durin's Folk: Creating the Dwarves - Reveals the journey and process of designing, conceptualizing and physically realizing the dwarves in The Hobbit.

    • The Peoples and Denizens of Middle-Earth - Focuses on the realization of new characters and creatures encountered in the first film, from casting to characterization to physical and digital design. Chapters include:
      • The Stone Trolls
      • Radagast the Brown
      • Goblins
      • Azog the Defiler

    • Realms of the Third Age: From Bag End to Goblin Town - Follows the creation of the Middle-Earth locations from conceptual design to set and prop building to fully digital realities. Realms explored include:
      • Hobbiton
      • Rhosgobel
      • The Misty Mountains
      • Goblin Town

    • The Songs of The Hobbit - A look at the realization of Tolkien's songs in An Unexpected Journey.
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Πρωταγωνιστούν / Cast: Hugo Weaving, Martin Freeman, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett
Featuring: BLACK FRIDAY 25/11/2016
Διάρκεια / Duration: 182 ΛΕΠΤΑ / 182 MIN
Έτος / Year: 2012
Κυκλοφορία / Release: 06/12/2013
Διανομέας / Distributor: WARNER HOME VIDEO
Υπο-Διανομέας / Sub-Distributor: VILLAGE
Studio: WARNER Bros.
Στοιχεία Δίσκου / Disc Details: 2 Blu-ray 3D™, 3 Blu-ray™, True Stereoscopic 3D
Συμβατότητα / Combatibility: Συσκευή αναπαραγωγής Blu-ray™ ή Blu-ray 3D™ ή PlayStation®3 με την πιο πρόσφατη έκδοση λογισμικού. Για να δείτε αυτόν τον τίτλο σε 3D, 3D συμβατή τηλεόραση και 3D γυαλιά απαιτούνται επιπλέον. Αυτός ο τίτλος αναπαράγεται και ως 2D Blu-ray™ / Blu-ray™ or Blu-ray 3D™ player or PlayStation®3 with the latest firmware update. To view this title in 3D, 3D compatible TV and 3D glasses are also required. This title is also playable as a standard 2D Blu-ray™



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